Monday, March 24, 2008

Our new arrival: Junior

For Easter this year, since it's a holiday about life and we have no babies and none on the way, we decided to get a plant. A houseplant. This is funny because I have the un-greenest thumb this side of Timbuktu (which I think includes more space than "this side of the Mississippi").
There are a lot of things I do at my job, and some of them are mentally challenging and some of them are not. And some of them make me absolutely 100% crazy because as hard as I try to be qualified, I can't seem to do it. Yes, I can review legal documents for our prestigious attorneys. I can negotiate lease contracts for thousands of dollars. I can have an assistant (well, I will in the future). I can prepare hard core accounting crap for taxes. I can build spreadsheets to analyze the potential ROI, evaluate market conditions and decide if we should purchase a property or not.
I can do a million cool-sounding things. But, watering the office plants is my greatest challenge. Seriously. David has plants all over his house, and I somehow manage to kill them, bring them back to life, and kill them again. They droop. They turn yellow. They turn brown. I even sunburned a palm tree! (I think that takes special skill.) House plants are my kryptonite. So, venturing out to uncharted territory and bringing home our very own plant to love and care for is a stretch for me – but I'm STOKED about it.
Josh and I went plant shopping and of course found the perfect plant. AND the perfect bucket thing for the plant to go in. Then came the hard part. How do we plant it? We want it to grow, so our bucket is quite oversized (but beautiful). Since I have a "issues" (putting it nicely) with watering I was trying to explain to Josh how we need an ugly bucket for the plant to grow in, then a drip pan thing, THEN the beautiful decorative bucket for decoration. He thinks that limit's the plants potential (because the oversized bucket is now too small) and if you "just don't over-water it" you can just put plant in dirt in decorative bucket without having drainage issues. After a phone call to my mom, discussing it with the guy in the store, and debating about how best to care for the newest member of our family we decided to go against everything everybody was telling us and put rocks in the bottom of said decorative bucket, then dirt with plant in it. That way the rocks will act as a reservoir. The best part of our master rock plan is to "just don't over-water it".

We had to use our barbeque tablecloth to protect the carpet.
Look at my beautiful potted plant!

We came home to put our plant in the corner where it will bring life and good energy to the living room. And I must say it looks fantastic. We've decided to call him (not sure why he's a him, but when a plant is a him, there's just no arguing about it….) Junior. The label said he can grow 4 – 6 feet tall, at which point it will be even more fun to call him Junior because he'll be bigger than both of us, and that makes us happy.

The first liquid food he's had....precious huh?

And of course our first family pictures. Of course, it's just like Junior to not make funny faces when it's clearly supposed to be a funny picture. He just marches to the beat of his own drum already. :)

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  1. This is so sweet! We did a similar thing. Only I killed the plant. So you one-upped me there.

    (But my poinsettia from Christmas is still going strong so maybe I'm turning over a new leaf (bahahaha—I find puns far more amusing than they should be).)


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