Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oh Easter

The prettiest day of the year. 

When the people are pretty, and the weather is pretty and the message is pretty.

So why can't the photos be pretty?

Flipping through the 58 timer-photos from this morning is like a cartoon book. The flipping kind.

It was a beautiful Sabbath morning. Sun shining. Birds chirping.

And then a man and a boy entered the scene. With weird faces because they were lonely.

So a woman enters, carrying The Babe who she has just chased across the field for the umpteenth time in 10 seconds.

But the mean lady immediately insists on confiscating all "pew-ers" (named for the "pew!" sound they make) and other contraband.

But the Short One refuses to relinquish the pew-er. His only shot at happiness.

So she hunts him down. Meanwhile the man becomes a velociraptor capturing and frightening The Babe

Dangling by his fingertips The Babe stretches to reach the ground - FREEDOM!!!

But he is captured by maniacs.

Looking around for an escape route, he takes the chance and runs!
FREEDOM! (again)

But the pew-er wielding Short One is on the loose.

The Short One and The Babe are captured by Velociraptor/Man .....

....and eaten alive.


  1. Best Easter pictures, ever! Who needs a picture-perfect picture when you have such a life-perfect picture? :D

  2. they tell a story...i think that's the most important part about a picture :)

  3. This made my heart happy. The end. And so did seeing you at church yesterday. Thanks for always being so nice and having adorable children.


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