Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Date A Week = Failure

On April 11th I looked at my google calendar (which is the home of my goals - and my life) for the first time that month.

To say the month got away would be an enormously embarrassing understatement.

BUT I once I looked at it, gasped in horror and confessed to Josh I did make a much more conscious effort.

We didn't even get out to do our official Date of the Month date, but we did spend much more time together. We watched a lot of Pscyh, we played games after the kids were in bed, and we folded laundry together instead of separately.

So while we really didn't "go on dates" much this month, we certainly spent more time together than we would have otherwise (at least between the 11th and the 30th).

I'm still calling it a failure - maybe I can try again next year. Because this was one of the goals I was most excited about. Wouldda been fun.

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