Saturday, April 27, 2013


On Josh's first day as a nurse one of the existing nurses got squeemish about doing a shot and asked Josh if he could do it. He stepped right up to the plate and with all the confidence in the world stabbed some patient with a needle full of something.

He told me how weird it was to think that he was qualified to go around giving people advice and stabbing people with needles.

I readily agreed. Because I'm not quite sure when this

turned to this

But there I was showing him a suspicious rash last night and he immediately said "shingles. that looks exactly like shingles." And what do you know, he was dead on.

And just like that I was converted - who knows, I might even let him stab me with a needle sometime....


  1. Shingles?!? I feel like I'm not really sure what that is but I also feel like it's something miserable and awful yeah? Want me to tend your boys sometime?? :(

    1. It's the same virus as chicken pox, but painful and miserable in usually old adults. I just got lucky enough to have it already. It's really just a miserably painful rash. And I'm really just a sissie. Josh is home most days, so the boys and I are fine, just in pain. :p

  2. Boo for shingles, hurray for a super awesome husband who can take care of you! Ever since Kristi graduated with her degree in nursing, she has gotten a LOT of calls from me with questions about this or that, and advice. It's nice to have some smart, qualified people around! ;) Fell better, Amy!


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