Sunday, April 21, 2013


I could never claim to be a news junkie. I'm interested, but only if it's convenient for me.

But then this week happened.

Suddenly I became aware of just how disconnected we currently are. No tv and exactly one radio in (the basement of) this house which never gets used. Typically it doesn't matter, because...duh. The internet.

But this week I was glued to it. I streamed on my phone and plugged it into the speaker in the kitchen and listened. Intently.

Combine my addiction to the radio this week with the reading of Grandpa Godfrey's history and it's like I was transported back to 1910. Did they have radios in 1910? Josh laughed at me when I shushed him and allowed conversation only during commercial breaks. I stood in front of the radio with my mouth wide open (not unlike a codfish) as I listened in horror. Every step of the way.

And when there was nothing new to report I read. Outhouses and farm chores. Wringer washing machines, and education in one room school houses. 7 year old grandpa driving cattle "across town".

In stark contrast I also read facebook and checked instagram. Which I love. And all the technology just seemed so....unnatural. For the first time in my life.

Which is yet another sign that I am old.

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