Saturday, March 30, 2013

What I Ate Today

My famous friend Anne has a blog with the subtitle "and also what I ate today" which always makes me giggle.

Last night I ate some really cool things though.

We had a "foods Jesus would have eaten" dinner with my sisters and their families and my parents too. Since we currently come with a lot of kids, we made it very kid friendly food and talked about the symbolism of some of the things.

We tried some Passover foods that Christ would have eaten that night: bitter herbs (parsley) dipped in salt water, unleavened bread (matzah), lamb, grape juice, Harozet (wrapped in lettuce) and we even washed our hands in special oils before eating.

Then we ate our real dinner, pocket bread, with chicken, tzatiki sauce, greens, grapes, cucumbers, onion, dates, figs, it was a regular feast.

At the end of the night we hid bread throughout the house, turned off all the lights and eat held a candle while we looked for it. Then burn it in the fire place. (representing destroying the sin in each of us.)

It. Was. Awesome.

The kids thought it was cool, they (and I!) learned a lot of cool new things and since we all helped it wasn't too much work for anyone (except Sarah probably...sorry Sarah.)

But my favorite part is that it wasn't about getting presents or candy or stuff.  It was awesome, and fun AND meaningful.

I hope it is a new tradition - I'm already putting it on the calendar for next year.


  1. Can i just beam over and join in throughout the year? That sounds so neat!

  2. I was just going to ask if you did this every year. So this is just a this year thing? New tradition type thing?

    1. Sarah does it (or a version of it) every year. We just joined her this year, but it was so fun. I hope we get to do it again!


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