Thursday, March 14, 2013

Grown Up Bribes

February in my family is filled with promises and plans for The Cabin. 

If we just work really hard for the next 13 days then we can go to The Cabin. 
If we do all our chores and clean our house, then we can go to The Cabin.
If we get plenty of sleep leading up to it, we can survive on just a few hours a night at The Cabin. 

This year was no exception. Over President's Day weekend we were fortunate enough to be invited by one of our favorite family friends to go to The Cabin. 

Where we ate too much, slept too little, and laughed too hard. 

This year we perfected the game of werewolves and learned who is good at lying (me! Grandma Huggie) and who is not (Katy - aka The Giggler) and who looks like they're lying whether they are or not (Josh) and who isn't really sure if they are lying or not (Dad). Any game that can keep all of us playing (even The Old Ones) until 2am is a winner in my book.

While we were there we went tubing at Soldier Hollow, which is always a blast (even if Tommy looks like it isn't). 


Church on vacation is always something....special. But this Sunday was maybe the hardest Sunday of my life. I sortof thought that with the cousins to distract the boys I'd listen to the meeting, but poor Little John who hadn't slept properly in days simply wasn't having it. He cried. And cried. The overheated and overcrowded chapel was unbearable. So we cried in the hallway instead. 

We did enjoy the rest of our day, and the weekend (though exhausting) was well worth it. 

I know your family is cool, but my family is extraordinary cool.

Already I am ready to do it again - here's hoping it comes again soon!


  1. So stinkin fun! I love that photo you captured of me with Ian slobbering all over my face. silly baby boy.


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