Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Couldn't Have Taught Him That

Motherhood often has me amazed by the things I need to teach my children.

"Your head is not a napkin."
"We don't lick toilet seats."
"Stand. With your feet on the ground. STAND!"
and my personal favorite this week
"Aim that pee-er down boy."

But now that the boys spend a couple of afternoons each week with the cousins (2 of whom are female) I'm thrilled with things they are learning there.

"Oooh mom. I love your toes - they looks so boo-tiful. How about your fingernails too?"
"May I have this dance please?"
and kissing. Oh the kissing. There's just a special way a boy who misses his momma raises his hands in the air and puckers up as he runs across the room.

And lately it's playing a whole lot of pretend. Yesterday Tommy was a puppy (and John growled), today he was a cat (and John growled) and tomorrow he'll probably be a dinosaur (and John will growl.)

There are just some things I never could have taught them.


  1. I love this. I have often thought about the things I would never say if I was never a mom. Like, "Are you poopy?"


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