Sunday, July 1, 2012

John: 8 Months

Were you wondering if John had survived all 8 of his months? He has. It's true. 

In just 8 months he has learned: 

to feed himself (survival of the fittest)

to move himself (survival of the fittest)

to giggle uncontrollably (survival of the fittest)

to steal his older brother's toys (a little risk since he has all of these survival skills)

and to clap (just because he was bored)

He naps 2 times every day. Usually with his feet up. Because he loves me. 

He loves to swing and to jump. Push play to hear the giggling in quick 10 second videos. 

This boy is just "as sweet as pie" as I remind him on a daily basis and he's too smart for his britches. (Thus the many pictures with no pants on. Pants are for the birds.)

He's one of my 3 favorite boys. He really is an angel baby and I love him more than anything. I'm so, so glad he's mine. Even though he requires food 29 times/day. *sigh*


  1. guess what! my baby's 8 months too! least i'm 8 months preggo! woot! me and john are like BFF's...yay! :)

  2. so glad to see photograph proof that you all have survived :)
    i has been so long since i've read blogs... it's going to take awhile to catch up.


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