Saturday, July 7, 2012

Atonement = pass, barely

June was supposed to be a month spent studying the atonement.

What I meant when I wrote this was to be deeply engrossed in the subject. To have it fill my mind constantly. Listening to talks and reading books by geniuses. Devouring everything I could find about it.

Somehow life got away from me (again? still?) and I that didn't even come close to happening.

But I did study the topic while at the temple.

And I lazily glanced through a book or two about it.

And every day I saw the reminder on my calendar to "study the atonement" so I felt a lot of guilt about how non-engrossed I was. (Does guilt count? I hope so. Maybe if I studied the atonement better I would know how much guilt would be worth on judgement day.)

So I'm giving myself a barely passing grade.

"C's get degrees!" has been the mantra in this house for the last two while the goal in my head was an A+++, I'm settling for a C and hoping to do better next year.

To hold me accountable for all the months so here.

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