Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some of Each Please

Fact: Josh and I are so painfully indecisive that we nearly didn't go on vacation because couldn't decide where we wanted to be.

Fact: I become the anti-Amy when it comes to vacation. I don't want to plan or write down anything beforehand. I don't want to make a schedule or know what we're doing or when. I just want to show up with no expectations and enjoy whatever happens.

So we had a wide-open day today. But people had suggested some things so they were on our list. Mormon Battalion place, La Jolla, Tide Pools, San Diego Temple, places to eat, etc.

So we got up this morning and got in the car while I googled some of those to pick where we went first.

We read somewhere that low tide would be in the morning so we headed off to find tide pools first, then La Jolla for the seals and an impromptu dip in the ocean. apparently Josh is physically incapable of getting that close to the water and not getting in. also incapable of watching the road if the ocean is in view. dangerous.

We went to the temple, and to best buy to exchange our broken DVD player for one that works (we hope!) because the thought of driving home terrifies us all. We got some lunch at this totally awesome mexican restaurante that gives out bull horns instead of burger king crowns. We went to the beach again because it had been nearly 3 hours since we were there last - unacceptable! - and we headed to the Mormon Battalion place. I was really surprised how cool that was. I don't know why I'm always surprised to like mormon stuff, but I am. Tommy panned for gold until the missionary left, then realized that he was standing in front of rocks and water and immediately started in on his favorite hobby. duh

Then we went - surprise! - back to the beach this time in beachwear ready to swim in the ocean. We built a sandcastle, burried Tommy (because we had no beach towells and the poor boy was teeth-chattering cold) and I got stung by a jelly fish. I wildly successful trial run at the beach day we have "planned" for tomorrow.

But the highlight of the trip for Josh is still the free hotel breakfast waffles.

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  1. I just KNEW Tommy would LOVE to pan for gold. So glad you went.


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