Monday, July 30, 2012

Church These Days

After church yesterday Josh and I were reviewing our (insane!) upcoming week.

Josh: Oh and I just learned I have a meeting for church next Sunday night.
Me: OK I'll put it on the calendar.
Josh: *snicker*snicker* ok. It's at 6:30.
Me: *typing* "meeting for church" aka Ice cream Party
Josh: What?! You're not in Primary, how did you know?
Me: I'm a mom. I know everything.

What he doesn't know is that I am also a hall-dweller, I haven't heard a lesson in church since Josh got his calling.

But I do talk with other hall-dwellers for about 2 hours every week. I know who else has babies pre-nursery  post-reverence and I know how many weeks they have left. I know when the teachers didn't show up to teach primary and the presidency is looking to recruit hall-dwellers to teach. And my sources almost always tell me about events involving ice cream. Because they love me.

The thing about taking kids to church is that it mostly feels like a waste of time.
Josh is playing the piano in Primary (which isn't a waste of time),
Tommy is in nursery learning how to be reverent "cooo-eye-it feet mom! fode-a-arms mom!" (not a waste of time) but
John and I walk the halls for 2 straight hours while he fights sleep and I distract people from going to class. (A gigantic waste of time - mine, John's, the people I'm distracting.)

I fully intend to continue going to church each week because I believe it is a good habit and it's definitely NOT a waste of time for exactly 50% of my family, and while it will get worse before it gets better, I know it will get better. In 9 months to be exact. That sounds familiar. Because in just 9 more months this tiny baby

will be walking on his own into Nursery without me.

And the truth is I'll likely miss our hall-walking days.

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  1. When Minna was about that age, someone asked me when her birthday was and I told them when she qualified for nursery instead of her birthday.

    She ended up going at about 14 months when Brian got called to nursery, and it was heavenly. I hope he has the same calling in a year so I can send Miriam early too.


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