Sunday, July 8, 2012


Our house is full. Very very full. 

I don't even mind cleaning the baseboards because there are really only a few inches of baseboard visible since furniture lines every wall of every room in the house. 

So when I told Josh we were having the carpets cleaned, he got all sorts of excited and moved all the furniture down to the garage.

As it turns out my boys don't need furniture to be happy. They were thrilled with one GIANT ROOM with no furniture to avoid while they ran around and wrestled like crazy people. 

Lucky for the boys we scheduled the carpet for July 5th, which means we spent the 4th of July moving the furniture. 2 whole days of an empty living room. 

Then the truck blew up while they were cleaning the carpet and we had to wait 1 more full day before getting the carpets cleaned. Which meant one more full day without furniture and free deodorizer for me. 

Lucky boys. Lucky me.

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  1. Ha ha! We cleaned our carpets in December and Darin made us move all our stuff into the kitchen - Isaac thought it was awesome! Looks like they had some good wrestling matches. :)


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