Monday, June 25, 2012

Do As I'm Doing

Mostly John follows Tommy around all day trying to copy him.

It's adorable really. And Tommy is a sweet big brother usually helping John.

Tommy wears a blanket-cape? Tommy smothers John in a blanket-cape too. "Is, SOOOP-er John!"

But I love to watch Tommy mimic people. Because he's shamelessly copying them right in front of their faces. He makes no bones about it. He studies them to be sure his movements are an exact match (which they never are) and checks himself often; looking down and up and down and up studiously.

I'm pretty sure he thought he was as high up as the boy way above him. He was so proud of himself for climbing. I giggled because his feet were barely off the ground.

I feel the same way in a yoga class I just started going to. "Check me out! I've got this! I'm doing it!" But then we turn to face the mirrors and I cringe. I don't look like the people around me and I certainly don't move like them. I forget often that I'm not as high up the tree as those around me. In fact, I'm barely off the ground.

But I bet my mom still thinks I'm cute too.

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