Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6 years in the making

While Josh and I were engaged his dad invited us to go 4-wheeling with him "out in the dunes" we agreed and got ready to go. Since were obnoxiously nauseatingly in love independent and responsible we drove by ourselves in Josh's truck.

But somewhere between civilization and the end of the earth his truck overheated leaving us stranded on the side of the road.

For more than 8 hours.

Josh's dad didn't notice we weren't behind him until he was already there, and since he had no clue where we were, the only logical thing to do would be ride and play and have fun and pick us up on the way back.

So they did.

Josh had a frisbee and his school books in his car. We tossed it around, walked to the top of a hill, and sang and laughed and danced to the radio in the middle of nowhere. I still can't hear this song without thinking of that day and the two of us giggling and laughing together while we hiked up the hill together with this song stuck in our heads and not knowing all the lyrics.

It was likely one of our most fun dates. Ever.

But I'm 99% sure that Frank got in big trouble for playing without us.

And for 6 years he's been offering to repay us with another trip.

But school and life and babies have kept us from doing it.

Until last weekend.

It was a beautiful day for riding up by the B.

Frank and Josh did all the work

Lori and I took all the pictures
I'm not sure why I picked the doofy-lookin' helmet instead of the hardcore one....but I'm confident that I would have looked even goofier riding that slow in a helmet like Josh's.

Learning to ride and ATV wasn't easy for me.

The views up there are simply breathtaking.

I really have fabulous inlaws.

After the ride we went to Panda for dinner and Josh gave me the cookie with the best (and only true) fortune at the table. 

Here's hoping.

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