Thursday, June 21, 2012

Important discoveries

A few weeks ago I discovered that John was content like this:

While Tommy and I were doing this:

And soon a daily tradition was born. We'd head over in the late afternoon and enjoy a swim while John B enjoyed a nap.

But then I learned some extraordinarily disturbing information involving the pool, the vole infestation and the reason there are chains on the gate every morning.

Which is why we haven't been back to the pool since then.

So we've been spending way too much time in our living room. Living in piles of blankets and learning to hold hands.

Of course John boy would be content to stare at Tommy all day long and never leave the house. Because clearly Mr. T. is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Unless of course you're counting Uncle Caleb, then Mr. T. might come in a close second.


  1. uh i dare ask what's going on at the pool?

  2. WHAT? Do tell the terror, Im curious.


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