Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

My boys are totally whooped over their dad.

Pretend Tommy's face is clean
or pretend this wasn't as clean as it got all weekend
or don't look, there are 2 other handsome boys to catch your attention 

And I'm glad about that.

He's a hardworking, generous & loving dude.

Plus he has some killer wrestling moves that they'd never learn from me.

And he teaches them not to be ascareda bugs.

And he lets them help with projects.

So it makes sense that they love him so much.

Which is why I wanted to do a "super awesome top secret" project with the boys for Dad.

Of course Pinterest said that if I let my 2 year old walk in paint and on a poster I'd have adorable baby footprints.

But Pinterest lies.And doesn't tell you about how washable paint doesn't come off the sidewalk; or how paint on feet = slipping, sliding & falling; or how 2 year olds think if you can do it once you can do it a thousand times. LousyGoodForNothingPinterest.

So instead we flipped it over and made a picture of Dad. Complete with googly eyes and pipe-cleaner "muscles". Tommy insisted I give Daddy 2 hearts "one. TWO!" and added at least 5 ears all over his face. 

Daddy was not at all surprised by this "painting projects with our toes" because SOMEbody spilled the beans within 7 seconds of Daddy coming home on Thursday. *cough*Tommy*cough*

Happy Father's Day to the grown man sleeping in the dragon tent.


  1. I love the picture of all your boys in the hammock! You have such a darling family Amy. Happy father's day to Josh!

  2. Oh, boy! I thought the post about the swings was good. :)

    Amy, you have made me laugh twice in the last five minutes. I'm glad we're friends!

    And Happy Father's Day to Josh!


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