Friday, June 22, 2012


You might think that Josh is not the writer in our family. But you'd be dead wrong. Because look at this awesome treasure Tommy found in Josh's parents' basement!

Watching these 3 read this book made me so so happy.

Mom Reilley was beaming with pride in her biggest boy's accomplishments.
Tommy was fascinated by the story. 
Josh was *slightly* embarrassed by the drawings. 
I was glad that Mom-Reilley had kept this project. Because it's so sweet and cute!
"Then he trotted to the mother's Barcolounger. It was too soft."

But then I read the ending.
"Next they hurried back upstairs. They first looked in their front room that featured a fireplace along a side wall, and they surprised a little bear. He woke up with a start and glimpsed at the family, then tried to attack. Of course the dad blasted him with the shotgun. The family enjoyed barbequing meat, and used the skin for a rug!"

And our reaction to that last line is the reason Tommy comes up to me at least 4 times a day saying "skin a WUG! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!" He throws his head back and laughs hysterically at what is evidently the funniest joke anybody has ever told. 

I think this might be the last writing project he ever did. A shame don't you think?

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