Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thomas: 3 Months

Remember when my baby turned 3 months old last week?

You don't? Oh. Maybe that's because I didn't write about it yet.

In that case, look! My baby turned 3 months old!

Did you notice how big he is? Me too.

He's usually quite smiley. Especially when daddy goos and gahs at him.

But sometimes he's serious. He's a deep thinker this one.

I know what you're thinking "Cute blanket, but does it HAVE to be in all the pictures?" does it freak you out that I can read your mind like that?

No. It doesn't. It's just that to celebrate 3 months we had "no pants day". Won't it be funny when some creep googles "no pants" and winds up here?

Some stuff about Thomas:
  • He "sleeps through the night". I've been getting up with him at 2:30 but he goes right back down after eating and "the night" lasts from like 7/8pm - 5/6am so I'm happy. And well rested. We're still working on naps. Somedays it's 30 minutes and somedays it's 4 hours....we like the 4 hour days.
  • He gets bored. I blame Josh for that one. The kid loves to be entertained. Hold him, make faces at him, coo, giggle, dance, it doesn't matter. Just don't blog. Blogging is boring.
  • He rolled for Josh one time. And for me another time. I don't think we can officially call that rolling though.
  • He is much less spitty - but still on the medication. I'm just glad he's not so miserable. And I'm not so covered in digested formula.
  • He loves sitting in the bumbo. And the swing. Until he gets bored.
  • He's growing more hair on top. But still has the mullet in back. I can't handle cutting his fingernails - what makes you think I'd take scissors that sharp to the back of his noggin? And the random 3 long hairs. I've cut the 3 long hairs - HOW did they grow back?
  • Bathtime is still the best time of day. I'm seriously hoping that he'll love swimming just as much. 
  • He's still learning what those things dangling from his wrists are for. But I think he knows they belong to him and they're for SOMEthing because he hates it when we "take them away" from him by swaddling him.
These have been the best 3 months ever. And not just because of oreo truffles at Christmas.


  1. I can officially say I AM SO JEALOUS! You are so lucky he "sleeps through the night"!
    How much does he weigh, do you know? I really like reading what Thomas does and likes since ours were born on the same day (but mine was 2 months early).
    Thomas is darling!

  2. baby no pants! Don't knock the blankie.


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