Monday, January 11, 2010


We are.

Fever: 102.5
Headache: throbbing
Cough: dry and hacking
Cold chills: all day long

So far it's just Josh & me.

You wouldn't believe how much I haven't kissed my baby today.

What do I do to keep him well?


  1. :( Sad!!! Wear a mask and ignore that little cutie as much as you can stand to. Don't talk to his face, no kisses(you already got that one), hold him as little as possible, wash your hands a million times a day, and basically just pretend you're a neglectful mother. :( It's miserable but can be helpful. Tyson and I both got sick when Aiden was little and we managed to keep him away from it thank goodness. Good luck!

  2. Oh yuck! I'm so sorry! I hope you both start feeling better soon & that Thomas somehow avoids getting it.

  3. Sad! That's the worst. When Ellie was small enough, I'd lay her in her boppy on the floor next to the couch so I could watch her and touch her as little as possible. I also used a TON of hand sanitizer.

  4. Oh I'm so sorry, I hope you get better very very soon. Just wash your hands a lot and pray for the best.

  5. so sorry! All you can do is pray.

  6. That just plain stinks. I sure hope you didn't get it from us. That would be even worse. If you lived closer I would bring you this soup, but I will just send you the recipe link instead. I hope you both feel better soon!


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