Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flying Solo

Weird how 1 week without being alone with my child even for 2 minutes has made me completely insecure with my ability to care for him.

Josh is at school this morning and I'm on my own again.

Thomas has been screaming for an hour (I can only assume he wants his daddy.....if we're being honest I do too) and I can't figure out what's wrong.

Food? Check.
Diaper? Check.
Warm? Check.
Medicine? Check. (times two!)

I got nothin'.

A week ago I would've known just what to do, and today I am completely incapable. I can only hope it will take less time to get it back than it did to learn it in the first place......"just like riding a bike" right? Right?!?!?!

In other news: I haven't called him "Baby Thomas" for at least 2 weeks. He's Thomas, and sometimes Tommy. But mostly he's "my baby" or "sweetie" or "darlin'" or "hi there" and most often "my love".

When he goes to kindergarten and they ask him his name do you think he'll be confused?

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