Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rolling: In photographs

This is Thomas on his tummy.

This is Thomas on his side. Where he got stuck for like 5 minutes. As you can see he loves being on his side.

This is Thomas's "hey I can roll over!" face.

Also we thought about replacing that missing hand with a hook, but since he can't really say "arrrgggg" and we don't want to adopt a parrot it seemed sorta pointless.


  1. Holy cow, girl! You made a REALLY cute baby. :)

  2. yea!! Good Job Thomas

  3. What a cute little boy! And now you're in trouble Amy... he's mobile. Never will he be in the same place you left him... ever again!

  4. Good plan on the hook. Maybe you can use it as something to reward him with when he gets older. You know, if he's still hand-less and he talks you into getting a parrot.


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