Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Jedi-mind tricks

Now that Josh has a super-sweet Redbox car I drive my own car to work. As much as I love having the freedom to come and go as I please, it also has it's drawbacks. Actually just 1. It's that I don't get door-side service anymore.

Since we work out of a home, there is not adequate parking for all of us. And since David wants to stay friendly with his neighbors, when they asked him to stop having so many cars lining the streets directly around his house, he gladly volunteered that we all walk 2 blocks and park down by Ensign Park. He gladly volunteered because he still parks in his garage.

Truthfully it's quite a nice walk, particularly in this time of year because it's beautiful outside, and it's nice to have a few minutes before/after work to calm down and prepare for what's next.

HOWEVER, I just remembered that when you walk down the sidewalk of a residential neighborhood at 9:00 am, more than 1 yard usually has sprinklers going. On this road, there is the lawn of the homeowner, the sidewalk, a small strip of lawn, and then the street. So, they all have sprinkling systems for the small strip, which means the sidewalk gets drenched.

On my way in this morning I was listening to the radio and heard how you get your star wars name so you can kill a syth lord and become a Jedi by religion. My Jedi name is Egbam Gofre (I've chosen NOT to say it like Gofer, but like Go-Free because Gofer is a stupid Jedi name and technically since it's a name, I could pretend it's french and pronounces it "Jones" if I wanted to.)

Anyway, I was practicing my Jedi-mind tricks to control the sprinkling systems so I wouldn't get soaked on my way to work. I came up to a part of the sidewalk that was wet so it was CLEARLY just sprinkled giving me the perfect opportunity to use my Jedi powers to tell the sprinklers NOT to come on and be able to brag about how when I waved my hand and told them not to come on they didn't. So, I went to raise my hand.....and of course I heard the gurgle. The gurgle that makes me wish Josh was with me so I could use him as shield while I scream and run.

Yes, that's right, my Jedi-mind trick is wired backwards, so even though the sprinklers had just come on, when I Jedi-told them not to, they heard the wrong message and came on again! How powerful am I huh? Now that I know I'm just reverse wired, I can control the world! Watch out for Egbam Gofre!


  1. Maybe you should be Gofre Egbam. If your name is reversed, then your reversed Jedi-mind trick will be reversed making it correct. (I hope that made sense!)

    Ps- Sorry... still no blog. I am a loser. :(

  2. Gofre Egbam is WAY cooler! That solves many (not quite all, but many) of my problems! Now just wait for tomorrow - I'll show those sprinklers.

    You'll get bored one day and do a blog and when you do, I'll be a regular reader. :)

  3. Amy, can I be just like you when I grow up?

  4. I wasn't aware that you possessed jedi mind trick capabilities. I will let you know the next time I have 5 mins to get across town and about 20 lights to go through... :)


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