Thursday, May 15, 2008

All nighters for home work? I think not!

Josh has been asking me all week long to help him write up his Russian Protocol assignment that is due today. In the true nature of me being me, I blew him off until last night. And now I'm having flashbacks.

According to the people in charge of my high school reunion, I graduated from high school 5 years ago (really? 5 years?!?! I know it makes me sound old to say this - but that makes me sound SOOO old!!!). And that was probably the last time I pulled a really late night for the sake of my education. The roomies and I had all kinds of late nights during our time at the Business College, but I have to say I don't think even 1 of them had anything to do with homework or school assignments in any way shape or form. It was mostly Friends marathons, Skipbo, and Wendy's runs with an occasional trip to Freaky Dee's in Sugarhouse.

Don't get me wrong, I was a great student in college....well mostly great. I graduated with a 3.98 or something, (thanks to the 1 A- from my design teacher, I hated that class.) And I pretty much always completed my assignments the night (or moments) before they were due. Really.

I have far too many memories of writing papers in high school and having my mom and dad review them after 1:00am so I could turn them in by 7:00am that day. I am a last minute person, I think and flow better under pressure, and I've always thought that there's no point in taking 2 hours a day for 3 weeks to prepare an assignment when I can just stress out for 6 hours the night before. Technically that's more efficient and I stand by my theory that it is the right way to do things.

Unfortunately I don't think Josh agrees with that point of view. We started working on it again (he forced me to start a little of it the night before too) when he got home at 11:00 last night. We kept working on it until about 2:00 when he was falling asleep sitting up at the table. I now understand how my parents felt when I stopped caring about the quality of my work and they were still trying to make me do the best I could. Around 11:30 Josh told me that he'd rather just make up a bunch of numbers and fail the assignment because "nobody likes the stupid Russian anyway" (that isn't directed at people who are from Russia, that's directed at the style of massage that is called "Russian Sports Massage" or "the stupid Russian" for short).

In any case, we got everything to work out beautifully. And Josh is eternally grateful for my mad typing skills and ability to divide time on a spreadsheet. So, I guess it worked out well - those are good results in my mind. :) In the mean time, I don't really think I'll be going back to school anytime soon....I'm dead tired this morning (pathetic I know) and I only kindof miss the kind of pressure and anxiety that only school can give me.

And now for the most fantastic part of the whole thing:

Josh only has 7 more days in school! Yes, that's right. 1 more week and he's DONE! FINISHED! COMPLETED!!!! Which means, summer time can officially begin! Woo hoo!!!!! I'm gonna get my husband back! I'm gonna get my husband bank! (You're supposed to be singing that like in the tune that you sing, "you're gonna get in trou-ble")

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