Monday, May 19, 2008


We've now survived our second weekend since Jamie and Cameron abandoned us for Washington. I'm proud to say we not only survived, we had fun!

Friday night was full of Redbox - which I didn't mind because I got to drive the cool car. :) Funny how something so stupid makes me not hate the fact that we're working on a Friday night.

Saturday night Aubrie and Corey came over and we ate pizza and played games. We had tons of fun, and learned that Jamie and Cameron are not the only people in the world who are fun to play with (sorry guys! we had no choice....). After food and some games, we made strawberry ice cream and at it with brownies and the best blondies I've ever had in my life (which unfortunately isn't saying much because my first experience with blondies was not good but these ones DEFINITELY were). We learned some new games, and I'm sure Game Night Games, will be thrilled with our new addictions.

Every time we (I) go to that store - we (I) wander around the tiny little room for like an hour, and pick up every single game, covet it, weigh it in my hand and try to decide if I'll be in trouble if I spend $1,000 on games today.

Inevitably I decide I will be in trouble if I do that, and then wind up feeling really good about myself for only spending 1/10 of that. Usually before I go I vow that I will only buy _______ (insert the name of the game here) game and I will immediately ask where it is, pick it up, pay and walk out. However, the guy is always busy, so I am forced to wander against my will. Then the cravings start in. My palm sweat and I get fidgety and I know that if I don't pick up and read about a new game I'll have a panic attack right then and there. At that point it becomes my civic duty to window shop and an hour and $100 later, I walk out with 1 expensive game, and 3-4 little ones. Needless to say, I try to avoid the game store so we can still pay our bills.

For some reason I think I'm doing good at not spending money as long as I don't buy everything I want. I do it with everything. If I go shopping for clothes, I pick and try on about a million things. Say I like 10 of them, then I can buy 3. But I always have to put away at least half of what I liked or else I'm spending too much money. Never mind the fact that I planned to buy a $15 pair of pants, and instead I'm walking out with 2 shirts and a dress (no pants) for $60 plus shoes and a new purse for $30 (6 times what I intended to spend and not even getting what I really needed) I put back at least $150 worth of merchandise which means I'm budgeting. :) It's sick and twisted, I know, but it's how my brain works.

Anyway, after a fun Saturday, and some great lessons in church on Sunday, we had the Egberts over for dinner. Just Meleta and Ben came because Ron wasn't feeling well, and to be honest, we weren't really sure he'd be able to get into our house....

Yesterday marked the first barbecue of the Summer, Josh cleaned the grill, I made weird salad, and we had some REALLY good hamburgers, and leftover homemade strawberry ice cream. Mmm.....I love summer food. Fresh watermelon, green salad, weird salad, and fresh homemade hamburgers and ice cream. Seriously I think I've died and gone to heaven. That will be dinner at LEAST once a week through the summer. I don't have to cook much AND the house doesn't get as hot as cooking something on the stove or in the oven, and it tastes sooo good (thank you Spade L). This is a very happy time of year for me. Soon they'll open the pool and I'll never leave my neighborhood again.


  1. I want to play with you and Josh too.. I'm having withdraws... is that even how you spell that? LOL. It's not like you live that far from us.. but our house is chaos with all this moving stuff. Let's stop saying we're going to get together.. and actually do it! COME ON AMY you know the men won't do it.. it's up to us!

  2. Are you cheating on us!?!?!? Just kidding, I'm so happy that you are having fun and have other people to play with, it makes me happy to know you are happy :) We miss you guys SO much! We haven't played ONE game since we have been here! *sigh* we miss you...

  3. Thanks for having us over, we had so much fun! I had some of the leftover ice cream for lunch was pretty much amazing! P.S. stay away from the game stores. They're dangerous!

  4. Hey there Amy, I am "lurking" on your site. I read your comment on Hailey's site. I loved your comments about the "sexy pants". Leslie now wears them. She loves them, I hate them. Glad you are happily married. Come visit AZ something. We promise not to talk too much. HA!


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