Sunday, August 5, 2007

Cafe Rio

I'm starting to love 1:00 church. Well, I don't really, but I'm appreciating it for the time being. Yesterday we didn't even start to get ready for church until 12:15, yes we really were that lazy, we woke up, but stayed in bed all morning just being lazy and boring. I liked it. :)

Then I decided I wanted to make cafe rio salads for dinner, so I hurried and threw the chicken in the crock pot so it would be "almost ready" when we got home. Ha! That totally didn't work. I barely had time to get the chicken cooking, and definitely didn't have time to arrange it nicely in the crock pot. so since it was frozen, it stuck out the crock pot a little bit making the lid not quite closed. Well, when it thawed, the lid didn't quite seal, so it wasn't quite done when I got home. So, I rearranged, and let it sit for a lot longer. Then we bummed around some more, and at like 7:30 started to make the rest of the dinner. Oh man! That was some GOOD grub! Josh wanted to make homemade tortillas, so he did (all by himself, he's pretty good at that actually)! I made the yummy tomatillo dressing, and the rice. Mmmm! It was GOOD! We didn't even eat until like 8:00, but it was well worth the wait. Now I can't wait to turn the leftovers into enchiladas, and eat those too! Yummm!!!

At about 11:30, we were ready to go to bed, and Josh was starting to fall asleep, but since we had slept ALL DAY LONG I wasn't tired enough yet. So I made him wake up and talk to me, the I remembered about these things called blondies. I hadn't ever heard of them until I was visiting teaching, but they're like brownies, only vanilla flavored. So I really wanted to make them, and Josh just wanted to sleep, but I wanted him to keep me company. So he woke up with me and helped me make blondies in the middle of the night. I love my husband. Turns out the recipe I found online for blondies wasn't that great - REALLY greasy. Maybe that's how they all are, but it kinda grossed me out. They didn't taste bad, they were just like eating baked crisco and sugar. Anyway, if anybody has a good recipe for blondies......I'm looking! Otherwise I'm goint to start experimenting, and that might be scary!

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