Monday, August 6, 2007

Tender Mercies

I really think that since Elder Bednar's talk the term tender mercies has been stretched to mean "just about anything good that happens to me....EVER". At least I know I've stretched it.

A couple of years ago (shortly after the aforementioned talk) I was waiting at a red light to cross the street to temple square. It's one of those "pedestrian" lights, meaning that it has no purpose other than to let people walk through the middle of the road. The light seems to be cursed for me because I have NEVER seen it green for anyone. You always have to wait until there's a handful of people waiting for it before it turns green. However, on one particularly hot day, I had been waiting for the light for a couple of minutes and some sister missionaries walked up behind me. The exact second that they approached the street, the light turned green. I quickly pointed out that the light turns green that quickly only for sister missionaries. She responded "that's just the kind of tender mercies you get when you're serving the Lord!".

Today however, I have been given a real live tender mercy. Last night Josh and I wanted to make something yummy in the middle of the night. I wanted it to be peanut butter bars, he doesn't really like peanut butter-y treats. So we settled for the greasy Blondies instead. Just now Neil (a guy who works in my office) brought down a plate of something yummy that he said his wife made him promise to share. You guess it, peanut butter bars. I told him it was an answer to my prayers. :) Thank goodness for tender mercies, no matter how small!

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