Saturday, May 29, 2010

If I were rich and famous....

Well, yesterday I was rich and famous. You can tell because I left the state just for a (super-fantastic) lunch date.

Here's what happened:

Josh took a bump on a flight a year and a half ago, and he can't stand to see free stuff go to waste. (There are a number of funny stories I could summarize here, but all of them make my husband look bad (which is why they're funny) and he rearranged my food storage yesterday, so to repay him I'm not gonna tell them.) And since the free flight voucher was about to expire and we had no money and no time off and no ability to use the ticket, he decided that in order to stop my whining make me happy, I should go visit my long lost best friend of all time, Jamie.

Since it was free it wasn't even stupid to just go there and back in one day. It sorta felt like I just went down to Lindon for lunch with my family.

Except that the flight was with United, and they don't fly straight to Washington, they fly to San Fransisco and THEN to Washington.

And that means more than 7 hours in airports, 6 hours in the air and 2 hours in the car for 5 hours in Washington.

I was originally going to take Tommy with me (because it seems unreasonable that SUCH a good friend has never even met my child....) and then I realized that it meant more than 7 hours in airports, 6 hours in the air and 2 hours in the car, by myself with a baby, his carseat, stroller, diaper bag, snacks, and voice box and I told Josh that if he wouldn't stay home, I'd just cancel that trip.

And since that man just can't stand to see free stuff going to waste...(insert another "funny at Josh's expense" story here) he decided to stay home with my baby, and I was going all alone on this adventure.

You can also tell I'm rich and famous because when we landed in Washington instead of pulling up to the building, they put down a ramp and we walked down out of the plane right onto the ground. Like a famous person does.

If only someone had chased me down as I was leaving, running after the plane on the runway because they couldn't stand to see me go because of their undying love for me, while my tears streaked down my face as I soberly stared out the window not realizing the love of my life was coming for me.....

Whoa. Yeah. My life is not a chick flick.

The whole thing was beautiful. Simply beautiful. It rained while we were there, we made cookies, Evie (their 2 year old daughter) said "Thank you zaymie" to me when I handed her a book about a farm. I think that means she loves me. We talked and laughed and ate at Olive Garden. It was just like nothing had ever changed.

Oh how I love good friends with the capability to pick up exactly where we left off.

This is where I should say something about how my life is so filled with goodness and joy that I'm rich. And since Evie knows my name (sortof) I'm famous. But I'm not feeling extraordinarily corny at the moment, so instead I'll just say it was a lovely day. And it was fun to be rich and famous even if it was just for a little while.


  1. I would like to be rich and famous, even for a day. That sounds like a great day.

  2. Good for you for having such a great day. Even though it involved a crazy amount of traveling it sounds like a blast.
    P.S. You look fabulous, just thought you should know. The end.

  3. I LOVE that you got to do this. What an adventure. And what a wonderful husband, who sent you off to be rich and famous AND took care of the babe.

    Yup, you're definitely rich.


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