Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why We Still Use A Monitor

Fact: I live in a 2 bedroom 1200 square foot townhouse.

Fact: I once heard Tommy screaming from clear across the church. Like as far away as you can possibly get and still be in the same building. He's not hurting for volume.

Fact: We still use the baby monitor in our home. It is on all the time.


Because without it, I wouldn't hear Josh interacting with Tommy in there. And that would be tragic.

Exhibit A: Josh was singing lullabies to Tommy last night and got halfway though "Search Ponder & Pray" before he realized he was singing it to the tune of "I Love To See The Temple". How he got halfway though is a mystery to me because I can't get past the first line.

Exhibit B: Josh is changing Tommy's diaper before bed.
J: "Hey! Dude. We don't put our hands in poopy diapers."
T: "blah blah blah....yadda yadda....jibberish"
J: As he turns away from the changing station, muttering under his breath "You crazy crackah."

Exhibit C: Josh "reading" a story he's never seen before. "And then the big bunny rabbit said, you slow turtle, you can't catch me.....I'm the ginger bread man! - AND a turtle!"


  1. :) I love "daddy" moments like those. It's cute you're making a note them.

  2. Dad's are awesome!!! i love to hear John read books to the kids. they are always so much better than what is written.


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