Monday, February 14, 2011

A Tea Party

If you got an invitation to a Valentine's Tea Party that was an hour-and-a-half away and openly stated that "there will be no tea, and more importantly no tea cups" you'd probably think it was a waste of time. 

But that's only because you don't know Wendy.

Meet Wendy.

When Wendy invites you to share a meal with her, you accept. Period. You are guaranteed gourmet food, good company and an all-around lovely afternoon. And who doesn't need more lovely in their afternoon? 

The place settings. Please notice the cupcakes (on cupcake stands) and the fancy-pants goblets from which we sipped fancy-pants lemonade.

The best Tomato Soup I've ever tasted. Should I post the recipe?
A grilled cheese sandwich might be boring, but heart shaped goodness? Yes please.

Fresh fruit.

My home-made gumball necklace. 

And cupcakes with the world's yummiest frosting on top.

My little brother is a genius for marrying this girl. Just might be the smartest thing he ever did. 

Also? Happy Valentine's Day. 

I hope you have someone to love today. 


  1. How delightful...what a sweet sister in law!

  2. oooooh! do you think wendy would want to be friends with me?! :)
    what goodness all around.

  3. Okay I am major jealous! I wish she were my sis-in-law. Maybe next year you can bring a buddy and that buddy can be me :)

  4. Dear Wendy,
    I know we've never met, but I'm pretty sure that we were meant to be best friends. Let's work on that, okay?

    Dear Amy,
    Your sister-in-law rocks. I'm jealous! Next time can I tag along? I'll bring Oreo truffles. And finger sandwiches cut out in heart shapes. Deal?


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