Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walking in the rain

It looks like rain, it smells like rain, and I sortof think that it will start raining before I push Publish on this post.

The last time I walked in the rain, there were puddles big enough for Josh and I to splash in (granted the puddle on the floor from my April Fool's Day rubber-band-on-the-squirter-thing joke was also big enough....doesn't take much for us) enough to soak both of us clear through.

Rain update: wet speckles starting to show on the driveways.

My fear is that my Walking In The Rain days are over. It's a little too cold to take my child out in it, and it would be irresponsible to leave him inside while I wander the streets enjoying the cold wet rain soaking me. Since I have officially entered my "child bearing years" there are some things I probably won't do until all of my babies are old enough.

Most of these are sacrifices I'm willing to make. I can give up movies in the theater. Date nights with just 2 people. Running anywhere "real quick". Spending cruise money on diapers and wipes.

Rain update: Instead of wet spots standing out, dry spots are the odds ones out. Just waiting for the assigned drop to make them disappear.

But to go 10 years without even 1 walk in the rain seems a little unreasonable. Right?

Rain update: The sun came out and the raindrops are coming down hard and fast enough to hear them hit the road. I love it when it rains from a sunny sky.

Maybe if I take Thomas with me with a lot of blankets the water won't get to him. Or maybe I could bribe someone to watch him for 10 minutes while I wander the streets. Or maybe I'll just have to sacrifice my Rain Walking for something that's a little better.

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