Sunday, April 11, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that I live 18 powdered mini donuts away from Walmart? Not that I measured or anything, but I also know I can fit 2 whole ones in my mouth at one time.

Did you know that I almost always smile and nod (as if they can see my through the phone) when customer service asks if they can put me on hold? Then I say "yes thanks" as in "thanks for the lame music." "thanks for making me wait while you try to figure out what your company broke" "thanks for wasting my day and my minutes" "thanks for getting elevator music stuck in my head for the rest of the day" "thanks for the muscles you're building in my shoulders while I hold the phone to my ear with no hands". Yes customer service agent. Thank you for putting me on hold.

Did you know that one woman had 69 children? Granted she was only pregnant 27 times. Yes, let's say that again, PREGNANT, twenty-seven times!!!! Wow. Plus, this was back in the day, so she didn't have an epidural or Unisom. Just sayin'.

Did you know that I finally hung Thomas's quilt on the wall? Yep. He's 6 months old and I just got around to doing that.

Did you know that out of love and consideration for you, Josh has quarantined himself? He didn't take his sniffling sneezing coughing self to church today. You're welcome. Also this means I went to 3 whole hours of church without setting foot in the restroom. This is the first time in the 6 months Thomas has been "out" plus the 9 months he was "in". It is a big deal.

Did you know that Thomas thinks that "please" "thank you" and "excuse me" are the funniest words ever? He sneezed in the bath tub and I reminded him to "say excuse me" and he LAUGHED like it was the most hysterical thing he'd ever heard (which very well may be the case....most of what he hears comes from me...). Here's hoping he doesn't think manners are funny once he can actually talk.

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