Thursday, April 15, 2010

long and lean

I've been described as a lot of things, but never EVER long and lean.

Thomas on the other hand....well, there's just no other way to describe a kid who's 26 inches long (80%) and a measly 14 pounds wide (8%).

Yesterday we went to visit Dr. Lady. It made for quite the day.

He's never had trouble with the shots before - but yesterday the fever spiked, the grouchiness set in, and we had a relatively miserable morning/afternoon.

I held him, he cried.

I put him down, he cried.

I rocked him, he cried.

I put him on his tummy, he cried.

I put him on his back, he cried.

He had toys, and cried.

Food, and cried.

Me, but he still cried.

He wouldn't eat, sleep or play. And in my experience there's not much else a 6 month old does....

In an act of sheer desperation I put him in his car seat (hoping he'd like it and fall asleep) and when he screamed I picked up the car seat which is when he stopped crying. JACKPOT!

While fist pumping and victory dancing around my living room, I remembered that although the child is "long and lean" when added to the weight of a carseat and the awkwardity of the handle....well I'd better stop dancing and conserve my energy.

I hauled him around the house like that for about 20 minutes.

I'm tempted to go back to the Dr's office and weigh him again, because I'm pretty sure that between the time he was weighed at the office and the time I put him down he gained like 50 pounds. WHO'S LONG AND LEAN NOW SUCKAH?!?!  But I'm afraid he'll cry the second we walk in the door because he and I both know those people are only there to get him naked and make him cry.

In other news, Dr. Lady said she didn't care that he still refuses to roll back to front. She also said I don't have to feed him meat until he's at least 9 months old. SCORE! And that he'll probably stop drinking so much formula soon.


  1. Oh, poor Thomas! That sounds just miserable! I always feel so bad for my kiddos after they get their shots and they're so miserable. But mine have never gotten a fever, so I can't even imagine how hard that was. And the car seat trick worked well for both my boys, even when they were colicky. But those suckers are HEAVY after a short while! Way to build up ur mommy muscles :)

  2. I hate giving them the shots! Poor little guy!

  3. Holy Hannah! I seriously have a chunk-o-monk on my hands. Miriam was 15 lbs at her FOUR MONTH check-up. I'm pretty sure she could squash Thomas with her thigh rolls.

    We should let them cage fight when we get back to the States!

    "I say, I say, I say, I sit on you!"

  4. :) You're not alone Nancy - he really is that little.

    Thanks for the sympathy guys.

  5. if i had a post like yours it would be titled:
    "short and fat" :)


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