Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stamps and Dr. Pepper

Today I had to buy stamps (which they don't sell anywhere within a 5 mile radius of my home - because really, who buys stamps? The same people who talk about weather, that's who.) and somehow I couldn't fathom the thought of a day without Dr. Pepper. A craving I haven't had since Josh replaced the good Dr. in my life.

I opened the bottle while waiting at the train tracks on the way home. The carbonation nearly exploded out the top. And you know what I thought while I watched this substance literally crawl out of the bottle? I thought "Hey, I should put that in my mouth." So I did.

It burned as it went down and my eyes immediately started to water. I blinked back the tears and chugged another swallow. I wiped the wet from my eyes so I could see the road in front of me, and took another swig.

23 ounces later I kindof want to rip out my insides. And I can't help but wonder - why did I do that? It hurt going down, but somehow I was able to muscle through......for what?

The sugar headache is in full swing and I'm relatively certain tomorrow's hangover will remind me why I don't drink (carbonation).

Incidentally I'd like to blame the need for stamps. If only I hadn't needed stamps, I also wouldn't have needed  a drink.



  1. Oh man Amy! Carbonation does burn and I agree with you it had to have been the stamps:)

  2. I've totally done that! Bad idea! It's kind of like sucking on acid vapors.

    Incidently, we also need a place that sells FOOD near our houses. As in a grocery store. So I will stop buying pizza for dinner from Big Daddy's. Can we blame stamps for that too?

  3. Pretty much any chance I have to blame the government for something...I'll take it. :) Dirty rotten.....

    And Emily I'm making it my personal goal in life to fill that "Grocery pad" that has been for sale since before we moved in. *sigh* too bad I'm not so persuasive.


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