Monday, April 19, 2010

If the chapel smells like campfire.....

You can just go ahead and blame me.

It's because my neighbors went camping on Friday. The guy was standing at the end of his driveway for like 3 hours while I sat at my computer and worked and coveted his 4-wheeler and his ability to call it "gear" when it all fits in a gallon-sized ziploc bag.

I know he was camping because in addition to the ziploc bag containing his only necessities, he also had a sleeping bag. And a bandanna on his head.

So by noon I had convinced Josh to take us to the mountains to build us a fire and eat hot dogs.

And by noon-oh-two I had convinced the Medina's to join us. And to bring dessert. If I had to pick one person to make my desserts for the rest of my life, it would be Ashley. She always knows what I want AND she makes it.

So we went.

Only now the carseat smells like campfire and I can't live without it long enough to wash it. So we went to church with our campfire baby drenched in febreeze.

Wanna see some pictures of the good time?

Me too. But Thomas is crying, so we'll all have to wait until he's happy before I can even find the camera much less pull pictures off it.

I know. Your life is hard.


  1. My life is hard Thomas! Let your mom show me um!

    Did you stay overnight? Did Thomas eat dirt? Did he like it? Did you like it?

  2. always are on some kind of adventure:)


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