Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day take 2

Last year Earth Day was kindof a flop for me.

So this year, in honor of our Earth I'm staying in my jammies all day. Hibernating in my dark living room. Perhaps I'll curl up with a good book, but you certainly can't force me to waste electricity drying my hair. Probably I'll even conserve water by not bothering to shower. After all it's already 11 and showering now would be wasted since half the day is gone.

You're welcome earth.


  1. *sigh* That sounds like the perfect Earth Day to me.

    While it may not have been earth-friendly, the world can thank me for showering, washing my hair, brushing my teeth, AND shaving my legs. Sorry, Earth. You're welcome, World!

  2. I only used one grocery bag at the store today and just left the rest separate. I didn't even remember it was earth day though!

  3. oh no!!! your legs won't even know what to do without getting shaved today!!!! ;)

    i didn't shower either... i'll blame it on earth day.

  4. That is what I should have done! You are so earth conscious.


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