Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just so you know...

I shave my legs every day.


I have a sad sad life. One that involves entirely too many razors refills, too many minutes in the shower, and too few pairs of lounge pants.

Who knew so many of you don't shave their legs every day. I thought it was a totally normal thing. It sorta makes me wonder what else I'm wasting my time with....what else don't you do every day? (please don't say brush your teeth, or I will vomit and you know you'll have to read about it later....)

And for the record I hate Celine Dion's music. In the words of my oh-so-adorable friend Malorie "Her music makes me want to punch a baby." Only I've never actually punched a baby, so I don't know if I'd really like it.

But she has been the sole cause of more than one screaming match which may or may not have included the phrase "Josh, you had better turn it off or I swear I'll jump out of this moving vehicle right! NOW!!!!!"

Also for the record (Is anyone actually keeping record? What if we get to heaven and The Book Of Life only has things that I specifically wanted "on the record"..... just in case that's true for the record I love my family, especially Josh, and one time I gave $5 to that homeless guy on the corner of Temple Square with the unusually large forearms. He's been on that corner since I moved to Salt Lake 6 years ago. I guess my $5 didn't really help.....) I've never jumped out of a moving vehicle.


  1. Wow, everyday?? I'm a weekly shaver. Even when I worked out on Catalina Island and I was in shorts or a swimsuit everyday, I shaved my legs weekly. You should try it--it's very liberating. :)

  2. I like that even though I haven't seen you in three years or something (I think it was your wedding shower, the last time I saw you), I still knew which were the truths and which was the lie.

    My three truths and a lie:

    I shave about five times a year.
    I love rotted food.
    I'm trying to get pregnant.
    I kiss men other than my husband.

    Do you still know me well enough to know which one isn't true?!

  3. Heather I think you have a gift.

    Here's my guess and you have to come back and tell me if I'm right....I think the kissing non-Luke's is a lie. Am I right?

  4. I know the guy with the big arms you are speaking of. Not know personally, but know of whom you are speaking.
    Winters, once a week.
    Summers, twice a week.
    It just doesn't grow fast, and I'm not snuggling up to anyone in bed for it to matter. =)

  5. i am not even going to tell you how often i shave my legs....for fear you wouldn't associate yourself with me ever again.

    maybe that comment alone will do the trick though. :)

  6. I shaved my legs no more than 3 times last year. Wow, you didn't need to know that . . . Also, speaking of things that may (or may NOT) be a waste of time, I know someone who wears his socks inside out every other time they get washed because turning them right side out apparently takes too much effort. Myself, I prefer to just take them off right side out. Oh well.

  7. I too am a rare leg shaver but I always shave them if I"m going to wear shorts or a skirt without tights. I also hate Celine Dion. I admit her range is awesome but could her songs be more annoying, cheesy, and dramatic.

    "It's all coming back, all coming back to me now,"

  8. Amy, gotcha! The lie is about trying to get pregnant.

    I really shave my legs five times a year.

    I really love rotten food (this was a semantics trick. I love compost).

    I really kiss non-Lukes, because I'm in a circle of kissy friends. Luke's watched me kiss Drew (and other boyfriends) hundreds of times.

    I'm not trying to get pregnant. I wish.

  9. Dang it! I knew you'd think i was going for the pregnant one, which is (of course) why I guessed it. But you do strike me as a baby hungry person right now.... *sigh* Soon my friend. Soon. And since that will mean another shower, I'll get to see you again!

    As for the kissing non-Lukes, Drew was (of course) the first person I thought of and had it not been down to that and the baby business I would've bet good money that you kiss Drew. Dang. Please don't hate me? You're just better at this game than I am. :)

  10. I shave my calfs about once every week and knees and thighs once every three or so. I hate shaving! Just wanted to share this random info with you. Ü Every day? I think you're crazy!

  11. Amy, FOR THE RECORD: I adore you!!!


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