Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a bit ridiculous

I looked down at my squash-splattered shirt through my splattered glasses and began to wonder - exactly when I did I lose the ability to make it through an entire day in clean clothes?

I used to hang my clothes back up in the closet after wearing them the first time because...well they were pretty darn clean.

I'm now considering turning all laundry hampers into water-tight containers full of my super-special soaking mix because the tiny bucket on top of my dryer is just not big enough to soak all of Tommy's clothes and mine while they wait to be laundered.

I stopped saying "no no no no" to the squash-spewing machine in front of me long enough to realize that meal cleanup used to be simple. You put the dishes you used in the dishwasher.

I now bring a box of wet wipes to all meals (which usually take place on a drop-cloth in the middle of the living room floor) because by the time we're done we have dishes, body parts (legs, arms, hands, toes, AND face - for both of us), chairs, blankets AND toys to wipe down.

And although I wouldn't trade it for the world, I sometimes fantasize about eating an entire meal (maybe even more than one course!) in "dry-clean only" clothes instead of coveralls.


  1. Dude. It gets better. I've HEARD that by the time they're 23 you can remove the drop cloth.

  2. 22 years and 6 months to go.....for the first one. *sigh*

  3. Nancy's comment made me laugh . . .

    Good stuff, Amy.

  4. so sorry! I wish I could tell you it gets better but it gets so much worse! Just imagine him with more food and the ability to walk. It's insane! I sweep several times a day and mop at least once a day. There will be less food on you though.

  5. I am totally there with you! You saw what happened yesterday at lunch. Also today we had thawed blueberries for dinner, aahh!

  6. Oh man! I cant wait for that day to come. So what your telling me is to enjoy my clean eating days huh:)

  7. Ugh. Walking.

    Blueberries? Really? What on earth would convince you that was a good idea? :D

    And yes Kim, enjoy it. Put on your wedding dress and eat spaghetti.

  8. And now, my friend, you know why I started shopping at D.I. There were about 10 years when I owned NOTHING but jeans and t-shirts. Dozens and dozens of t-shirts. And one machine-washable dress for church.

    And believe it or not, your post made me a little bit melancholy for those sweet, carefree days of laundry and dishes and diapers. But only for a minute. :)


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