Friday, April 16, 2010

sick kid shun

Our pediatrician's waiting room has 2 areas. 1 for "well kids" and 1 for "sick kids". There's a wall separating them.

On our first visit the receptionist (who by the way, couldn't BELIEVE who got kicked off The Biggest Loser last night!) informed us that we were in the sickie area and should probably move if we didn't want our kid to die at just 3 days old. We moved. And have promptly planted ourselves in that area every visit since. Until this week.

Although we were visiting Dr. Lady for just a regular 6 month checkup I made us sit in the sick kids side because Thomas was coughing and I didn't want to freak anyone out on the well kids side.

This was our first experience on the (much larger) sickie side.

There was no delightful Disney movie playing. There were no toys. Nobody smiles at you and asks how your old your baby is. Everyone who walks past gets as far from you as possible. And you can't overhear the receptionists conversations from that side.

Josh was kinda bent that he didn't get to watch a show while we waited. I was kinda bent that we got shunned for sitting on the sickie side. Thomas was kinda bent that Nurse Man came after him with a very sharp and very pointy needle.

I think they should install a middle ground and label it "Hey these people are diseased but they're real nice and you should talk to them anyway. Unshun." And they should give out candy and popsicles on that side.


  1. My pediatrician has a sick and well side too. I thought they were the only ones. That's cool that yours does too. I like being able to take my child to the well side, without worrying about them getting whatever the other kids have. And I like being able to take them to the sick side when they are sick, to avoid parents trying to keep their well children away from me, and the dirty looks that come with it. Except, ours does have a disney movie playing on the sick side. They don't have toys on either side. But they have these climbing things on both sides in the "tv room" area. Or maybe they're supposed to be seats, but my kiddos climb on them and jump off.


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