Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If I had some extra cash....

If I had some extra cash - specifically NOT a million dollars just a reasonable amount of money - these are some things that I would spend it on without hesitating TODAY.

  • Registration for a whole bunch of races throughout the summer. Probably 2 or 3 each month. 
  • A water softener.
  • Pretty art like this for our bedroom.
  • Totes. A million of them in every shape and size to put all the stuff in the world in. And it would be beautiful.
  • Fancy food storage shelves.
  • Wood and tools so Josh could build me stuff. Like a window seat.
  • Shorts.
  • New bedding. With organic sheets.
  • A washer & dryer. The cool kind that sanitizes and steams and finishes drying clothes in less than 2 cycles through the highest setting.
  • This gigantic mirror from Ikea to hang on my living room wall.

    This is (of course) the selfish version full of stuff and things I can live without. These are things I'll probably purchase someday, but I don't NEED them and I'd rather pay my mortgage. So they'll wait. 

    But if I had just some extra money today. That's what I'd do today. 

    What would you buy? With just some extra money. NOT a million dollars.


    1. Yoga class. Clothes. New bed frame and box spring. A new high chair for Ellie.

    2. Ooh yeah! a high chair, and a bed - maybe even a HEADBOARD! :) (Now we're getting fancy!)

    3. Most definitely a plane ticket to London (and then one to Paris). There'd probably be a new pair of fabulous yellow shoes in there somewhere...

    4. P.S. I love love love love the set up on your blog. It's darling.

    5. I want one of those floor sweeper vacuums. Not that I have a big kitchen floor or anything, I just hate sweeping that much.

      But really, I am boring. I would probably just pay extra on the student loans. I actually get a lot of satisfaction from that!

    6. Presuming the bills were paid (amen, Marianne!), I'd like new flooring. And a fence. And to pay someone else to make our yard amazingly beautiful.

      Actually, to think about it, the list is very long. Let's not think about it. :)

    7. OOH! Nice link I've been looking for a place that had all the races listed like that! What would I do? Pay off debt, rip out all the carpet in the house and replace it with wood floor, put up a fence, and build a patio. That's not too much to ask for, right?

    8. Plane tickets! Yes! (And thanks Mal...you're sweet.)

      And of course bills...tuition...responsibilities....but if it was free money that I didn't have to be accountable for.....add in to the list one of those cool faucets that turns on when you touch it with dough on your hands. Cuz from what I can tell you get fresh bread AND water from that. Cool.

      I totally forgot about flooring.... So many things to do!

    9. Hmmm, the short list? Pretty much all the things on your list actually. Bedroom furniture set (particularly the headboard), fancy food storage shelves, and definitely the fancy art/mirror.

    10. :D I would like a new kitchen floor today since Paige just told me that ours was dirty. I would like some more Sunday shoes. And some more clothes for my whole family. And I would like someone else to buy them for us. Only they fit perfectly.

      I would like a nanny to watch my kids for 2.5 hours a day while I exercise, shower, and have some me time.

    11. and white vinyl privacy fence around back with a short picket fence in the front.

    12. If I had a yard I bet fencing would be on my list too..... "if I only hada yard...."


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