Sunday, April 4, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that paper towels start on rolls that are 16 feet long and weigh 16,000 pounds?

Did you know that today's box of Puff's Plus has the boy scout symbol on it? Weird.Tomorrow's probably doesn't.

Did you know that although Josh and I purchased exactly zero Easter presents for our child, he came away with 2 Easter baskets? That's because he has grandmothers who love him. Lucky kid. Meanwhile we have 2.5 dozen eggs in our fridge and more candy than we'll eat before Halloween. SPOI-LED.

Did you know that my sister ran a marathon with a needle in her foot? True story.

Did you know that I won?! This is a first for me, so I had to share. I'm sure you'll hear all about how much faster I am will my cool kids running shirt.

Did you know that Josh secretly plays racquetball? He's not hardcore or anything, but he really likes it and is always trying to force people to play with him. And by "people" I mean "me". And by "play" I mean "stand in the death trap they call a court dodging the bullet ball with a racket shielding my face". Fortunately we had a baby and he's bigger than that little hole in the wall you put your cell phones in. I always knew I wanted to be a mother.

Did you know that my mom is gonna run the 5k with me? That's because of how nice she is. Also she'll probably pretend she really can't run faster than I can just so I don't have to be embarrassed by being passed up by an almost 60 year old. She's really nice.

Did you know my mom is almost 60? Whoa.

Did you know that I will be purchasing my first box of diapers this week? That bites.


  1. I'm SO glad you won and how FREAKIN' awesome is it that you are gonna run a 5k with your ma. I'm expecting pictures, you better believe it!!!

  2. My husband would love to have someone to play racquetball with, too! Too bad we live way too far away. I like playing racquetball, but I'm horrible, and I get really mad because Mike kicks my trash even when he's trying to go easy on me. Yeah.

  3. Yay for winning.

    My husband tries to force me to play racquetball with him, too. I think he likes it because I can't hit a ball to save my soul. The solution is easy: move to Egypt. No racquetball courts = no racquetball.

  4. I'm just not convinced that moving to Egypt is an EASY solution ever. Period. However, it does sound like a fun solution. :)

    Rachel, I feel your pain.

    Momma, because of your request, there will be photo.

  5. You are JUST buying your first box of diapers?! After six months?! Wow, people must really love you.

    What 5K are you going to run? Cuz I guarantee I can come in AFTER you and your mom.

  6. Walk MS on April 24th - you should come with us! Then when my mom passes me I won't feel dumb again until you come pass me. :) Let's do it!


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