Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More job updates

I have moral issues with my job. I hate helping my boss take money from people that I don't feel like is his. Yesterday was a perfect example.

We bought a building downtown a couple of months ago. About 2 weeks ago we got a sizable check in the mail from the County as a tax refund for last year. We didn't own the building last year and didn't pay the taxes that were being refunded. We also didn't appeal the tax value to get the refund. But we deposited the check knowing that the best way to find out whose money it was would be to take it. The rightful owner would quickly be in touch with us.

Well, it worked. We deposited the check, and the guy who did the appeal for the previous owner contacted us. He wants his check back. Now, in the mean time I called the county to ask how that generally works and they said that whoever owns the property at the time they cut a refund check, gets the check. So, my boss thinks this money is his. What I see happening is a legal battle, we eventually win, charge the previous owner for our extraordinarily high legal fees, keep the tax refund and emerge triumphant. Given that we didn't pay the taxes that are being refunded OR do the work to get the refund, that money doesn't belong to us. So, the moral dilemma begins. Blah. What am I supposed to do?

Get a new job. That's what. Yesterday in the middle of my run (yes, I'm still running/aerobicing faithfully) I got a call with the ominous church phone number on the caller ID. I answered, all out of breath and trying not to let it show. I have an interview scheduled for Thursday. So, wish me luck and hopefully it's a perfect job and they love me. We'll see.

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  1. I have been talking to you all morning, so why is it that just now, at 1 o'clock I am finding out that you have a job interview tomorrow?? Wait, I thought you already had that job...LOL

    Good luck! :)

    p.s. David blesses your heart :)


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