Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween time

I love Halloween. It's always a party at my house. My dad loves it. So this year he built a fire in the driveway (right next to my car which I promptly moved) and was roasting "bloody fingers" to offer to all of the trick-or-treaters. My 2 year old nephew, Tyler, was all for it, but the others seemed a little more nervous. Dad was more than willing to take donations for these "digital delights!" all night long, and even had a real live knife...shockingly no takers.

I went trick or treating with everyone, which was really fun. Those kids are cute, and this is the first year they really got the concept of trick or treating. It was hilarious to watch them run from house to house and come back all excited when some people even let them take MORE THAN ONE candy! Wow. They are lucky kids.

It was a good Halloween, kindof a bummer with Josh in Chicago, but I still had fun.

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