Saturday, October 6, 2007


Turns out the people who name the food at Wingers really know what they're talking about. Who wouldda thought?

Last night was one of those "do anything we want" nights because at about 6:00 when we should have been leaving for a mission reunion, Josh said he didn't feel like going, so we didn't. I love being a grown up.

So, we decided to go to Wingers for dinner because it sounded good. I got the "sticky fingers" because it's my favorite thing of all time and Josh got "sizzlin' fajitas". After we at our popcorn, we could hear the fajitas coming from clear across the restaurant (not that it's big, just that we could hear it WAY before we saw it). Turns out they really do sizzle. And they kept right on sizzling after our nice waitress put them on the table too! Then they started splattering and Josh aimed them at me, they splattered and I got burned, and he laughed. He's a punk.

About halfway through the meal I started complaining that every time we go to wingers, even if I don't touch anything but silverware, my hands always get sticky. Every time, without fail. Josh looked at me and laughed.
"Get it?"
"get what?"
"sticky? that's funny."
"sticky isn't' funny, it's just sticky."
"that's why they call them 'sticky fingers' get it?"
"oh....I get it."
My husband finds humor in most everything. One of his great qualities. I guess the meals were appropriately named after all. Kudos to the "Wingers Official Meal Namer Man".

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