Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why I love my husband

There is an ever-growing list of reasons that I never want to live without my husband. It started with little, shallow, simple things that I just enjoyed about him:
He smiles at me, even in the morning time
He's a good kisser
He buys me flowers for no good reason
He pushed me in the water, and let me push him back
He is good at emotional issues
He likes to play games
He loves the mountains

After we got married, my list got longer and filled with less shallow things.
Temple covenants
The babies I know we'll have someday
He takes care of me
He truly loves me, no matter what
I truly love him no matter what
We can do hard things (problem solving, communication, etc)
He is patient while I try to learn new things

Now that we've been married for SOOO long (1 year and 3 months) and are practically professionals at the whole thing, I have the deepest truest meaning of love yet.
I can't sleep without him at home.

The night before he left I started getting nervous and didn't sleep very well. Since then I think I have maybe slept for 5 hours, total. My bed doesn't feel right, I'm either too hot or too cold, I miss his body temperature, I miss his smell, and I miss his breath on my head. My sheets stay too still, and there is ZERO movement in the middle of the night. I can't handle it. I'm losing my mind, I'm too tired to function and too restless to sleep. It's a VERY bad thing. Eventually I'll have to get used to it because I know he can't be with me every night for the rest of my life, but I really can't sleep. Hopefully tonight will be better, but so far we're 0 for 2. A bad sign.

Meanwhile he's in Chicago being treated to anything he wants, chillin' and attending "meetings". In the middle of the day yesterday, I asked him what his next meeting was going to be. His response? "I'm not sure, something about bumper cars. I don't really get it though." It's hard to be him.

When he called last night I asked how his bumper car meeting was, he was all stoked, "it was like a cross between bumper cars and Lacrosse, SOO cool! We had a great time, and they've been feeding us so well. Every meal is incredible." He continued with all of the things he loves about Chicago while I tried really hard to be happy for him and not bitter that I'm all alone sleepless and turning into a crazy cat hermit lady.

Last night I broke my hermit spell and went to his parents house to carve pumpkins. It was great to see his family and GREAT not to be alone all night long. Tonight I'm going to my parents' house for some more Halloween fun, but I've completely lost all desire to participate in any curricular activity - extra or otherwise. I'll enjoy it once I'm there, but for now, I just want to go home, watch a good chick flick, eat a boiled potato for dinner and take a nap. Maybe I'll be able to sleep at my parents' house. Sigh.

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