Monday, October 15, 2007

Pretend like it's the weekend...

Friday night Josh had school and Cameron had to work, so it was a girls night for me and Jamie! Yay for us. Here's a shock, we went baby shopping. :) No, not shopping for babies, but shopping for baby supplies. Saturday was her shower, and I somehow got put in charge of games, so I had plenty to do.

We decided we'd play "name that baby food" which was funny because in my family we don't smell or touch, we just look and guess. Apparently, that's all wrong. You have to allow people to open the baby foods and smell, touch, taste them if they want to. I gotta say, I didn't see a lot of tasting going on, but the lids were all off, so I'm sure there was some sniffing. Who knew they make chicken and vegetables baby food? I don't know many babies that would even eat chicken and vegetables, much less grind them up and drink them. But, what do I know. No babies for me.

We also played a game where you try to pick little gold safety pins out of a bowl of rice when you're blindfolded. That was some pretty intense gaming. Cameron and Jeff (Jamie's brother) wanted to play too, so we let go against each other. Everybody else had played and all of us commented on how hard it is. Cameron puts the blindfold on and starts immediately commenting: "This would be a lot easier if we could see." He's quick at learning games.

After the baby shower Josh and I took his Ron-dad shopping. This is an adventure because he can't walk more than 3 or 4 steps. The 3 or 4 steps has been a major improvement for him and just happened recently. In fact, the only other time I've seen him out of his chair was at our wedding. Anyway, I wasn't quite sure how this was going to work, but we managed quite well. He's a spender, and he wanted to go to RC Willey, so that's where we took him. We walked back to where the digital cameras and car stereos are and within 2 minutes of looking at cameras a salesman walked up, patted Ron on the back, and said something about how it'd been so long since he'd see him. About 2 minutes after that, another salesman walked up and offered the same sentiments. Apparently he's well known and liked among the RC Willey Salesmen. :) Good times. After carefully evaluating all options and making our selections we were outta there. I'm pretty sure I'd never even set foot in an RC Willey before Josh, and now it seems to be a reasonably regular occurrence. Maybe he has good childhood memories there....never can tell for sure.

Sunday we were back at the Reilley's again for dinner and games, I think that's 3 weeks in a row for them, I hope our other families aren't getting jealous, but we seem to spend as much time there too. And tonight is the Fugal Pumpkin Carving Fest 2007. Watch for pictures to come from that. :)

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