Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What's the difference between a dentist and a satist?

The dentist has newer magazines! ba dum bum CHING!

I had to go to the dentist this morning. It seems like I was just there, I've never really liked going to the dentist, but this time really wasn't bad. In fact, the last time I went I remember thinking I was going to fall asleep with their hands in my mouth and I hoped I didn't bite them in my sleep.

The last time I went I had a bunch of cavities and had 2 follow up appointments. Ew. But, they turned out to be kindof relaxing, just laying there, listening to dentist music is nice.

Josh's aunt Lisa is a hygienist or dental assistant or whatever you call the nice ladies that clean your teeth before the dentist looks at them. So, we go to her office because we like her. Anyway, I thought it might be kindof weird to go to someone I know, but it's not. She's real nice and real gentle and the conversation is much less awkward. :) Plus she's smart enough to take her hands our of your mouth when she asks a question.

So, today while I was there, I asked her about my bleeding gums. I've kindof always had bleedy gums, and they hurt kinda easy and they bleed easily.

"My gums bleed a lot it seems like, isn't that bad and/or is there anything I can or should do about it?"
"Are you on birth control?" She asked.
"Nope." I answered "but don't tell mom, it's a secret."
"But you're not pregnant yet, right?" She asked again.
"Not that I know of, but anything is possible."
She laughed "I won't tell because then you'll get asked every day if you're pregnant yet. I understand."

Then she went on to explain that birth control and pregnancy both make your gums bleed because your hormones do crazy things. Good to know.

Anyway, good times at the dentist, she was really nice to me and the dentist man spent all of 2 seconds looking in my mouth and sent me on my way. PLUS I got a free pink toothbrush. I told her I need pink because if not I'm scared Josh will use it. So pink it is. It kindof reminded me of when I was a little kid and got a sticker or a lollipop for being brave at the dentist/orthodontist/doctor.

They always had 2 posters, one was snoopy and the other was Mickey Mouse and they said you had to pick which one was your favorite and look at it while they shot your arm. So, one time I picked Snoopy and they asked why Snoopy was my favorite. I didn't really know why, but I wanted to sound grown up so I told them that "he just seems like a sharp kid". My mom used that phrase all the time, and I had no clue what it meant, but I did know it was a good thing, so I decided that if anyone was "sharp" it would be Snoopy. They put a Snoopy bandaid on my arm and only then did I realize that the mean old nurse stuck a needle in me when I wasn't looking! That dirty rotten tricker! In her defense, it was for my own good, but I think that was one of the first times in my life I realized that grown ups lie sometimes. She didn't care what I thought about Snoopy or Micky Mouse (who I thought was a witch because of Fantasia) she just wanted me to talk so I wouldn't notice that she was causing me pain! Rude. It's amazing I'm as normal as I am, which such a traumatic childhood...who knows what I could've turned out like. :)

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  1. Okay, I've officially decided that your blog is way better than mine. Maybe its because you are slightly (okay, dramatically) more consistent than I am in the blogging thing. I should be better! As for the dentist... I hate going. Nothing against him and the nice ladies who work there. But I don't like to hold my mouth open and I definately don't like the drill. I'm also commenting about a few of these other blogs... we should carve pumpkins! Seriously a date night in the next month or so? Once school starts Saturday night is it for us. So check your schedule and let me know when works (nope, no way around it -- we're carving pumpkins). Also, keep me updated about the job. That is all too exciting! You've been working on this job for a long time! Yikes! Does your boss know?


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