Thursday, October 11, 2007

Job Security

My boss has become VERY dependent on me to help him use his computer and phone. Any small thing that happens he immediately calls me to come up and help him with. I've turned into an IT guru in his mind. Funny thing is that I know no more than anybody else my age. It's just the generation gap but he thinks I am like a computer expert.

The bluetooth on his phone wasn't working, so I reattached the phone to the headset. "The computer lost the file" he was working on, so I went into recent documents and fount it. He couldn't find his contacts, so I gave him a shortcut button in Outlook so he wouldn't lose them anymore. The software for the phones looked funny, so I had him exit and reopen it. His wireless mouse wasn't responding, so I plugged in the USB receiver. A lot of VERY simple problems that could be solved by anyone who grew up using a computer and has experience with that type of stuff. But for some reason, I'm the computer god in his eyes.

This morning it was a minor phone issue, I fixed it and he commented "I bet you wish I'd just learn these simple things, but think of it this way: job security." I smiled and walked out of the room secretly thinking to myself "I don't wanna have job security. I want to be disposable to you. I want the church to call me tomorrow, tell me I'm hired, and quit here in a week! Dang it!"

At the same time I'm flattered, and feel valuable and good about the services I offer. But I really don't want him to think I'm indispensable or whatever it is they say about people they don't want to quit. Sigh. If only he knew how ordinary I really was. Maybe I should bring in anybody else my age so he knows that I really don't know that much. :)

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