Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Debt free heaven in 2007!

The power of setting and writing down goals is pretty dang cool. At the beginning of the year, my husband wanted us to be completely debt free by the end of the year. This was no minor thing because I had a $11,000 loan on a car. Well, I told him what it would take to get it paid off, and we've been doing it. As of now, we have totally paid off my car, and have $0 in credit card debt and are paying his student loans (which he just took out this year for massage school). That means that technically at the end of the year we'll still be WAY in debt for school, but that was an exception to our goal because he got the loans in May of this year.

I have to say I really didn't think it was possible, it seemed VERY unreasonable, and certainly not desirable, but we did it! Josh is great at saving and putting money away, and I'm a spend it if I've got it kind of person. I'm glad we're married and that he helps me be better in that way.

I'm always interested in the ways that we are different, like cooking, cleaning, getting ready in the morning, spending habits, feelings about taxes and the government, attitude toward kids, traveling, where to live, what to buy, the list goes on. I'm amazed that we get along so well. Actually I think it's good for us to be so different on this stuff so that when we disagree on really hard stuff (raising kids and the like) we will know how to work our and discuss our differences in ways that make us both happy. We're so grown up. :)

I still freak out that he uses the wrong towels for the wrong things. Like after he's done shaving, he used to use my hand towel to wipe of any excess shaving cream. EW!!! That towel is specifically for drying! If he spilled juice on the counter in the kitchen he used my dishtowels to wipe it up! Clearly, that is a washcloth job. He NEVER used to use paper towels for anything, but now he does. He doesn't eat ice cream in the middle of the night. He even sees the value in being able to throw it away. He thinks you can wash whites with light colored shirts, NOT in my house. He does yardwork anytime of the day. He hangs his shirts facing the wrong way in the closet. He likes to get things done in the morning instead of sleeping in. He uses small hangers for hoodies. He doesn't measure pancake mix - come to think of it, he likes pancakes better than waffles, which we all know is just plain weird. He thinks you should try to make it so the right amount of taxes are deducted from your paycheck, instead of using the answer that makes them take too much so you get a big fat refund in April.

Even though we do so many things differently we live together pretty well. I try to calm down about my towels and remember that they are washable for a good reason. He tries to let me pay as much in taxes as I want so we get a big-ish refund.

As far as spending/saving goes though, I really think he's right. We now have 0 car payments, and 1 working vehicle! Look at us go!!! Who knows, maybe we'll even save up enough to have 2 working vehicles before too long....

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