Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pretty Good Day

Last night I had an FHE scheduled with someone in our ward and the missionaries, so as soon as I got home I needed to go running. One time last week Josh wanted to go running with me, so we went around the neighborhood and later I drove it to see how far it was. Anyway, it's good to know how far it is, because now I feel like I can run the neighborhood and have an idea of what I've done.

So, last night I put on my new runnin' shoes (thank you Josh!) and set off. I ran .7 miles before I stopped! Look at me go! I'll build up to a whole mile, but I was pretty dang proud of myself. Maybe tonight I can do a whole mile and then I'll feel really good, but for now I'm proud of that, that's almost 3/4 of a mile, and I'm gettin' pretty tough.

As soon as I got home I jumped in the shower so I would be ready in time for the missionaries to come. I had exactly 30 minutes until they were supposed to be there, so I knew I could get ready fast enough if I hurried. So I hurried, and 20 minutes later they knocked on the doorbell. I got dressed as fast as possible, and pulled my hair up so it wouldn't' look like I just got out of the shower. 2 rings and 1 knock later I answered the door (I rock like that). They asked if I was busy, or if now was a bad time, (clearly I looked frazzled) and I told them I was just getting out of the shower, so I'd hurry and be right out. They can't come in because Josh isn't there, so I felt bad about that, but we have a bench on our front porch so they could sit if they wanted to. I grabbed my shoes and was all but ready to go, and looked in the mirror just to make sure I was fully dressed and appropriate and noticed this big nasty white stripe in my hair. Conditioner. Ew! So I didn't rinse my hair thoroughly! Bad bad bad! I towelled it out the best I could and we went to our appointment. When I got home I rinsed it much better, but it did weird things to my hair and my hair looks all funky today. I hate bad hair days like that. It wouldn't go straight, so I pulled it up, but it's still not doing anything quite right. Either way, I made it to my appointment and I was even on time! :)

Turns out going with the missionaries is a usually a pretty cool experience, who wouldda thought. I love our missionaries, one of them just went home and is planning to come back to go to BYU and I really wanna set him up with someone, but I don't' know who. I just think he was a great guy, and I want him to live happily ever after. So if anybody knows and perfect cute girls for me to hook him up with, speak up.

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